The New Crusaders

A Crusade - The Defense of the West Against the Culture of Islam

The New Crusaders

A Crusade - The Defense of the West Against the Culture of Islam


Who We Are

The New Crusaders are a secular Knight Order with Headquarters in The United States. We do promote and ascribe to the principles and values of the Judeo-Christian Creed of Ethics and Morality. We are not part of any Religious Order, or are we titled by any country or head of state. Knighted members of the Knight Order may use the prefix Sir or Dame with their "given" and "given surname".

Individuals of Judeo-Christian Faith, may formally petition for a Rank of Knighthood within The New Crusaders Order. You may apply to become a Knight of the Order - Knighthood is available to all that vow to follow the oath of the Order. 

The Oath of The Order


Become a Knight by applying for Knighthood and join the crusade. "I promise to "Help, Defend, Heal" and to collaborate in the chivalrous spirit and in the furtherance of the statutes of the Judeo-Christian Faith and the defence of The American Homeland and the Holy State of Israel and their Judeo-Christian allies." 

Become a Knight


What is in your heart for is that not the true essence of what you believe? Some will know what and when the time has come to make the commitment that forever changes the shape, meaning and breadth of their lives. Some will stay in the slow eddies at the side of the river of life and there they will spend their lives. Others will move into the faster flowing waters and take up the challenge that awaits them. Only you will know when that time comes. It will be a “Vision of Light” that you will see with utmost clarity. For them it will be the clear message of “The Time Has Come”.

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